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In the manga story, OPM continued to train his body every single day for three years to the extent of vomiting blood. At the end of his training, he lost all his hair, became bald, but gained overwhelming strong physical power.

The OPM Databook and the entire team understand the difference between fiction and reality, and we do not encourage continuing any form of physical training if any discomfort is felt. Please take a rest or consult doctors as required. We are also not responsible for any hair loss that results during or after the duration of the OPM Workout. Any collateral damage or any harm caused to the public due to gaining of any powers due to OPM Workout shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

If no power or whatsoever is gained after the OPM workout, please look out for OPM Databook Vol. II and continue to train :)

This project is created independently by the artist's fans and has no direct support or endorsement by him.

Risks and Challenges

Our team come from a background of design, prototyping and manufacturing so we know how things work in these waters.

However, as with any large-scaled manufacturing endeavour with a global shipment, there are always hiccups which could potentially delay our shipping day. As the saying goes; "Expect the Unexpected to happen", we have a few ideas where things might go wrong to prevent them from happening.

This is our first Kickstarter campaign and if it is successful, we are absolutely committed to getting our backers their rewards.

We are working with a very experienced printing company based in USA who has a history of consistently delivering on quality products on time. They definitely have our trust for the production.