Inside the OPM Databook

The OPM DataBook comprises a 100-day consistent training Workout which can be done continuously or with rest-day breaks as required. The book is crafted to be a partner for your daily workouts as well as your daily life.


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1. Simple Guidelines

To start, there are just a few simple guidelines and explanations on how the OPM Databook goes.

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2. Overall Monitoring

Monitor your fitness performance to find out how well you are doing!

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3. Daily Log Records

Record your workout results and also keep track of your day with Tasks and Reminders. Any incidents or observation can also be sketched here! 

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One Punch Man Databook

The OPM DataBook is specially designed to help to motivate to achieve consistent workout in your everyday life. 




Physical Qualities


Paper Qualities


How does it Works?


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