What is OPM?

OPM stands for One Punch Man, a fictional superhero character created by Japanese Manga Artist, ONE (pseudonym name). One Punch Man is an incredibly overpowered superhero in the story and is often bored with the absence of challenge in any of his fights. His disciple, Genos, once asked him about the secret to OPM's strength, he replied saying he did 100 repetitions of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats and also ran a distance of 10km every single day for three years.

Genos, who doubted his master's reply, kept a detailed notebook on every triviality of his master in the hope of learning the real secret to OPM. The OPM Databook started as a fun fan-project to recreate in real life Genos's Notebook, which evolved into something useful for the community.

How can I order ?

The OPM Databook is available now on our kickstarter page. Head over now!

When will OPM Databook ship?

OPM Databook is currently approaching our first production run happening in July 2018 after our kickstarter campaign. We are targeting to ship all OPM Databook in August 2018

What countries does OPM Databook ship to?

OPM Databook ships to most countries around the world. 

Am I suitable for the OPM Workout?

The OPM Databook provides a simple framework for achieving a consistent, frequent workout regime. There is no need for any expensive equipment to get started. This is simply the easiest way to get into being fit and healthy. If you feel stress going to the gym because you have not been exercising or simply needed a motivation to break into an active lifestyle, then this OPM Workout is for you.

Can I use the OPM Workout in conjunction with other workouts?

For seasoned athletes, the regime in the OPM Workout is similar to a set of warm-up exercises for their body. However, for people who are attempting to work out the first time in their life, this is going to be really tough, therefore sufficient rest is encouraged after every OPM Workout.

Is there any diet guidelines that I have to stick to?

The OPM Databook is inspired loosely by the Paleo-Diet and recommends to eating simply and choosing food which are accessible and healthy, avoiding high-carbo and high-sugar food decisions. If there are specific diet you are interested in following, always consult your doctor before doing so. A diet which is easily implemented and followed through consistently is well suited with the OPM Workout.

What's in the full package?

A full OPM Dataset ships with:

  • 1 x OPM Databook
  • 1 x OPM Bookmark
  • 1 x OPM Notepad (Blank)
  • 1 x OPM DailyPad
  • 1 x OPM Monthly Desk Calendar

What are the details of the OPM Databook?

The OPM DataBook is hardcover notebook specially designed to help to motivate you to achieve workout in your daily life. The OPM DataBook is about half the size of a printer paper and weighs around 250gram to ensure its portability. It is printed on high-quality wood-free paper which is bleed resistant and also off-white to improve on readability. Each book is carefully hand-bound with faux leather cover with an elastic enclosure band and double bookmarks.

How long can the OPM Databook last?

Short answer: A 100-day consistent training Workout.

Long answer: OPM Databook is designed as a 100 session workout regime paced over a period 150 to 200 days. The OPM workout does not necessitate working out on a consecutive daily basis. Rather, it adopts a "Listen To Your Body Approach", requiring users to stop any form of training immediately when discomfort is felt. Resting is encouraged and Doctor should be consulted if needed. It is essential to take a long-term view of fitness instead of a temporary phase. 

What are the other items in the package?

They are a supportive kit to the OPM Databook which serves as a constant reminder in daily routine in our environment to hit the target of each day's workout.

Can I just order the book instead of the full package?

Yes, The OPM Databook is available for separate pre-order on the kickstarter campaign.

Any other questions?

For additional questions, please contact us at here or contact@evilsupplies.co