The Everyday Hero in Us


We all have dreams. Dreams of doing something great. Dreams of doing good. Dreams of being awesome all the time. Dreams of success.

But why do dreams always seem so far away and the journey fraught with great difficulties? Perhaps we are the one at fault, for endeavouring on a task of such greatness and magnitude which is just unthinkable to the current us. Or maybe, we are simply mesmerised by the air of romanticism around overcoming an incredible challenge of impossibility.

Nevertheless, people, humans, have walked these rose thorn filled paths with their very legs, survived, hard-battled and was victorious at the very end. We tend to name these people, and bestow different honour and titles upon them throughout times. The scale and level of success would vary amongst all these people, but, that does not matter. What is crucial is that they achieved something they dreamed of, and made an impact in someones’ lives. Let’s call these people simply, Heroes.

Heroes are a breed of individuals who strived and managed to keep walking their path. To a certain degree, they come to realise the kind of power they possess due to financial or influential success, that they would need to take on some of the society’s burden and problems.

We are looking at them because they are rather important and in fact, they are connected to us more than we like to admit. Heroes not only inspires others and want people to be like them. In fact, we would not be too wrong to say that, our dreams come from our Heroes.

Dreams inspire dreams.


One way the human society could be described is as an intertwined web of dreams, successful dreams, built upon with infinite layers of dreams. Each one by an individual, a single human, no matter how minute or wild. While successful dreams are the dreams of the heroes, our Heroes, unrealised dreams form the basis of our society workings.

Our individual dreams do not exist isolated from this web of dreams, no matter where you are, ideas and information flow freely across any feeble attempts of geographical boundary barricades. A single person’s speech, a single witness of a scene, or even a short 140 characters can all invoked emotions and experiences which lead to life changing situations.

Particularly in this age of extreme technology and information data access, we are constantly soaked in inspirations and encouraging words from the internet, social media platforms, e-books, or even from our close buddies. And we take in everything like a sponge. We devour tweets after tweets, posts after posts and articles after articles of advice from gurus of different nature and fields. Subconsciously, thinking we can be like them someday and be the success which they are. Nobody knows for sure.

And then it happened. You became just another follower of your “hero”. Every day, we stopped wondering and thirsting to achieve the kind of knowledge, ability, talent or wealth that these heroes possess.

What we did not realise is that at some point in time we simply stopped working towards our dreams, living out day by day. Instead, we follow voraciously to the latest news or words from these Heroes to be inspired at the moment. But alas, when the moment is past, we are again lost, wandering in the pitch darkness.

This undoubtedly results in a disastrous outcome for our society when a generation of great potential dreamers subscribed to another generation’s dream which might be interesting but not be relevant to them. What is happening is that our dreams are severely disconnected with what we do in our daily lives. It could easily and rapidly spiral down to a self-imposing limiter of “not everyone can have a dream”.

What this destroys is not only the potential of an individual but also our web of dreams. We will see lesser of new layers of dreams added to the web of dreams, and the diversity pool will weaken. Although there will always be exceptional individuals in every generation, it is time for us to stop relying on these heroes for momentary inspiration. We have to stand up and take ownership of our dreams to ensure that it comes true.


The reason why people forget to dream is that we do not cement our dreams in our mind and work towards it like our Heroes did every single day when they were deep in the mud aeons ago. We did not see them working in the mud because we were not there. Reading the detailed accounts of struggles of our heroes does little to help.

What should we do then? I did not think that there will be better advice than thinking more about your dream, working out the details, take action. Do it a little each time, every time.

Simply put, work at it. Every Single Day. For three years (at least).

And become the hero that inspires you.

kai kai