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The One Punch Man (OPM) Databook provides a simple framework for achieving a consistent, frequent workout regime. There is no need for any expensive equipment to get started. This is simply the easiest way to get into being fit and healthy. If you feel stress going to the gym because you have not been exercising, get the One Punch Man Databook and kick start your fitness cycle today!



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"Every Single Day!!! "

— One Punch Man

What is the
OPM Workout?

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One Punch Man Workout

A simple dose of daily workout to transform our lives for the better.


Push Ups

x 100 Repetitions

Every Single Day
Duration: 150-200 Days


Sit Ups

x 100 Repetitions

Every Single Day
Duration: 150-200 Days


x 100 Repetitions

Every Single Day
Duration: 150-200 Days


x 10 Kilometers

Every Single/Other Day
Duration: 150-200 Days


Inside the OPM Databook

The OPM DataBook comprises a 100-day consistent training Workout which can be done continuously or with rest-day breaks as required. The book is crafted to be a partner for your daily workouts as well as your daily life.


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1. Simple Guidelines

To start, there are just a few simple guidelines and explanations on how the OPM Databook goes.

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2. Overall Monitoring

Monitor your fitness performance to find out how well you are doing!

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3. Daily Log Records

Record your workout results and also keep track of your day with Tasks and Reminders. Any incidents or observation can also be sketched here! 

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One Punch Man Databook

The OPM DataBook is specially designed to help to motivate to achieve consistent workout in your everyday life. 




Physical Qualities


Paper Qualities


How does it Works?


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